GTA Vice City Weapons, Weapons, and More Weapons

The GTA lineup of action adventure games from the stable of Rockstar has been extremely popular and every version sold in huge numbers. Now available across various platforms, the GTA lineup has a huge user base-globally. The GTA Vice City is among the popular versions. The game has been appreciated by the critics and players alike for its excellent visuals, crime noir theme, amazingly realistic dialogues and enticing soundtrack. However, the range of weaponry used in the game is also a reason behind its lasting appeal!

A Huge Range Of Weapons

When you play the protagonist in the GTA Vice City, you get the chance to pick from a huge assortment of virtual weapons and using these you can ambush and blast away the enemies. The game has 35 weapons and that is a boost over the Grand Theft Auto III. You get an arsenal made of pistols, shotguns, along with snipers and submachine Weapons. Much like GTA III, in this edition, you get to buy weapons at Ammu-Nation dealerships at varying locations.

The GTA Vice City weapons are segregated in 10 slots. At one time, you can carry a weapon from each slot. Picking a new weapon replaces the earlier you were carrying.

The popular GTA Vice City weapons

Among the 35 weapons in the game, the popular ones are listed below:

  • Shotgun – A shotgun is short but its range is long. It lets you fire a lot of bullets. They can be used to hit enemies and vehicles. However, after each shot is fired, you have to reload it. GTA Vice City has many types of shotguns and some of there are capable of firing many shots without reloading. The Spaz shotgun, Spaz 12 is a type of semi-automatic shotgun.
  • Laser scope – This is also called the .308 sniper or PSG1. It is a powerful sniper weapon. It is required when you have to aim with pristine accuracy. It lets you fire 7 bullets at one stretch and then you have to reload.
  • MP5 – Well, it is not new to GTA Vice City. However, the MP5 is a very effective weapon with superb accuracy and great range. It lets you combat aggressive gang thugs easily. Its accuracy does not reduce even when the player is running fast.

There are many other Weapons and fire based weapons in the game. You need to use one based on the situation you are in.